How To Choose Kitchen Countertops

How To Choose Kitchen Countertops In Albuquerque, New Mexico

Start your home remodel and learn how to choose kitchen countertops the easy way! In addition to providing the top 5 tips on how to choose new countertops, we will also go over benefits of both Quartz and Granite options. Furthermore, our team of local contractors is fully licensed and insured. So go ahead and look for a lower price, just know that we always stand behind our quality.

While many local countertop companies may promise a professional finish, only Powerhouse Contracting goes the extra mile. Likewise, we treat every construction project as if it were our own home. As a result, you get top quality, luxury countertops installed at an affordable price! Not to mention that warm fuzzy feeling you get from helping support a small, family owned business. Likewise, we promise the same level of customer service and quality installation with every product we offer.

Of course we also offer a full suite of additional home contracting services. From new countertops and floors to roof repairs and drywall installation, we are your one-stop shop for custom construction. By the same token, our team of professionals can provide a free estimate for new countertops in any part of your home. As a matter of fact, you can generally save money when combining home repair project such as kitchen and bathroom countertops.

5 Tips For Choosing Kitchen Countertops

So, just what are the top 5 tips for choosing new kitchen countertops? Start at the top with aesthetics. Because everyone’s taste is a little different, you should review a number of Granite and Quartz samples before you purchase materials. While some countertop samples may look nice on the template, they will not always translate as well to a fully installed countertop. We suggest taking a few samples home and laying them out on the actual countertop to get a feel for the finished product.

While looks are important, a beautiful countertop is only as nice as it is easy to clean. Despite being one of our top selling countertops, Granite can be more difficult to maintain than Quartz. Because Quartz countertops are naturally non-porous, they will stain less quickly. However, the drawback to Quartz Counters can be price and stone selection. Additionally, Quartz counters traditionally do not offer as much protection against heat damage as Granite.

Next on our list of benefits is the added value to your home. Because most home buyers associate a nice kitchen and bathroom with quality, homes with minor upgrades such as countertops tend to sell for a higher price. So lets, summarize our list so far. Looks and aesthetics, Acquiring samples, Ease of cleaning and maintenance, Quartz vs Granite, and adding a lot of value to your home.

As you can see, there are many options to consider. Why not make it easy on yourself and schedule a free, countertop consultation? Rather than guessing in the dark, let our team of professionals make a few general recommendations to get the ball rolling. While you are at it, feel free to let us know if you need help with anything else around the house!

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